Paper Stock

We print on some of the finest, thickest printmaking papers available. Each sheet we offer is made with 100% cotton fibers. Save the trees! Cotton paper takes a deep impression, leaving you with a very luxurious and tactile feel. If you would like a sample of some of our stocks to see and feel in person, don’t hesitate to ask.

Our house stocks are available in 3 different colors. Bright White (crisp & very bright), Pearl White (natural white + warm), Ecru White (offwhite/cream). Colored stocks also available. Inquire for colors. We also print on Bamboo stock, wood veneer & leather.


Letterpress Inks

We use soy based inks and mix them to match all pantone colors or color swatch. Letterpress inks are transparent and work best when printed on lighter colored materials. Light colored inks will not show up well on dark stocks. White ink is available and will work on some darker stocks with a slight tint of the underlying color. We are happy to show examples and will always let you know if the results will not be desirable.

Please note that metallic inks don’t appear shiny when printed on cotton stocks. If you would like it to look metallic we suggest foil stamping. If you want a more subtle look or just the color then a metallic letterpress ink works great.
* let us know what colors you have in mind and we can send you pantone ink chips to confirm the color



Envelopes are available to match all our paper stock colors. We also offer an extensive line of colored envelopes. Specific envelope color will determine the back flap shape. Most color envelopes are available with a European Flap.



  • Corner Rounding
  • Die Cuts
  • Perforation
  • Lace Wraps
  • Belly Bands (paper of fabric)
  • Stitching Ribbon & Twine Sleeves (paper of fabric)
  • Duplexing (gluing 2 sheets of stock together)
  • Tags
  • Foil
  • Stamping
  • Edge Painting

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