fresh cuts

Apr 24, 2015

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inspiration to invitation

Apr 01, 2015

The creative process is a tricky one to define. Every project has to start somewhere, and that place is different for every single person. At Alee & Press, we love collaboration and the surprises that working with various perspectives can bring to a project. Each of our clients has a different vision and the best part about our job is making that vision come to life! When creating a wedding suites, we begin with a few simple steps. 

Define: Whats the end goal? What are you trying to accomplish? What pieces are needed for your special day? Discovery: What mood will the event have? Will it be elegant & romantic? Preppy & chic?               Vintage & casual?  How do you want your guests to feel? How do you want to feel? 

Design: This is our favorite part! What details will come together to make your day one of a kind? What colors will surround you? What textures will you feel? What smells will you smell?

After a pow-wow with the bride, we get started on a mood board that helps us put the vibes        into visuals. 

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Nice to meet you!

Mar 19, 2015


After lots of hard work our site and blog are up and running strong, just like our letterpress! We will be sharing our tips and ideas to help you with the wedding process as well as giving insight into what inspires us here at Alee & Press.  Meet the crew that makes the magic happen...  

Amanda Nolte - Proprietress & Creative Director  

Amanda wants to live in a world where she is always surrounded by beautiful natural light, has a studio full of fresh flowers, and can wake up early and create every single day.

After graduating with a business degree from Western Washington University she went on to study graphic design at the Creative Circus in Atlanta. Amanda has been designing since 2004, gaining experience with design firms and big brands, but ultimately falling in love with the letterpress process. Amanda’s passion for working with her hands pushed her to create Alee & Press in 2008. She finds her inspiration in typography, architecture and the smooth beats of Bossa Nova. Working closely with clients to bring their vision to life is what Amanda loves the most about running her own shop.

When she's not working hard at Alee & Press, she’s swinging Russian kettle bells at the gym or sipping on green smoothies.   


Hollis Griffith- Designer, Dreamer & Head of Wholesale 

Hollis wants to live in a world where dogs are allowed in every establishment, doodling isn’t considered a mindless activity, and she has every color Stabilo pen available.

After studying Ceramics at the University of Georgia, she moved to Zamora, Spain for two years to see if the legends about tapas and wine were true. She then returned to Atlanta to teach art and pursue her love for design. Currently studying Graphic Design at the Creative Circus, her days are filled with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

When she is not at school or at Alee & Press, she can be found speaking Spanish to her beautiful black lab, Mamut, or laying on her acupressure mat.

Brittany Huff - Designer, Printer & Expert Instagrammer 

In Brittany’s perfect world she always has a coffee in hand, bike and pups in tow, and is constantly surrounded by the ocean. After studying graphic design in Baltimore, Maryland she picked up and moved from the grand ole USA to the Land Down Under, where she spent her time painting, drawing and illustrating her way through the country. Upon her return, she has moved between Atlanta and Portland, where she has been styling hair, designing custom stationery and identity suites, as well as teaching beginner letterpress classes.

When Brittany is not working from her colorful home office or at Alee & Press, you will find her at a local coffee shop planning her next cooking endeavor.


Peter Nolte - Consultant & In-House Barista 

Peter wants to live in a world where he always wakes up early without an alarm, doesn’t have anyone telling him what to do, and where he can learn and grow a little bit every day.

Born in Wildeshausen, Germany, Peter studied aeronautical engineering in Braunschweig and Stockholm before moving to Atlanta to work as a guest researcher at GA Tech. He likes the production process and helping projects move from start to completion, which makes him a perfect fit for Alee’s fast pace.  He keeps our budget in line, tackles our excel spreadsheets and improves our processes- or as we call it “bosses us around”.

When he’s not at Alee & Press, he can be found cruising on his road bike or aprés skiing in the Austrian Alps.

Jodi Duncan - Designer & X-acto Xpert 

Jodi’s perfect world consists of sunny days by the water with jeans, t-shirts, ponytails and bare feet, creating beautiful things with her trusty four-legged side kick Kensie beside her, and endless amounts of popcorn and coffee - but not always together.

Born in Calgary, AB, Canada, Jodi graduated from SAIT in Digital Graphics Communication and then went backpacking around Australia. After returning to Canada, Jodi began doing freelance design, specializing in brand identity and invitations. Some years later, Jodi wanted to freshen up her design skills and venture into the world of design full time, which brought her to Atlanta, GA. She is about to enter her last quarter at the Creative Circus.

When Jodi isn’t helping at Alee & Press or working at school, she is watching movie marathons, looking at inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram or listening to music.



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