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By Amanda Nolte
Posted in News, on April 01, 2015

The creative process is a tricky one to define. Every project has to start somewhere, and that place is different for every single person. At Alee & Press, we love collaboration and the surprises that working with various perspectives can bring to a project. Each of our clients has a different vision and the best part about our job is making that vision come to life! When creating a wedding suites, we begin with a few simple steps. 

Define: Whats the end goal? What are you trying to accomplish? What pieces are needed for your special day? Discovery: What mood will the event have? Will it be elegant & romantic? Preppy & chic?               Vintage & casual?  How do you want your guests to feel? How do you want to feel? 

Design: This is our favorite part! What details will come together to make your day one of a kind? What colors will surround you? What textures will you feel? What smells will you smell?

After a pow-wow with the bride, we get started on a mood board that helps us put the vibes        into visuals. 

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